E-waste management and recycling

We depend on up-to-date hardware to deliver our solutions, and we are accountable for responsibly handling our e-waste. 

We are entirely dependent on our electronic equipment and data centres to provide solutions that drive a positive impact on society. We implement controlled waste management protocols, invest efforts in enabling better waste sorting across our offices, and ensure that we dispose of IT hardware in eco-friendly ways by means of reducing, reusing and recycling. Our internal procedures ensure proper reuse or disposal of all IT equipment. We cooperate with NGOs, schools, childcare facilities and responsible business partners to give electronic equipment a new lease of life. 

We ensure a high utilisation rate of hardware equipment as we consistently assess optimal cooling and power consumption, ensured through meticulous capacity control. When hardware reaches end of service, we phase out components that utilise more energy than newer components will.

The data centres that we use, run on 100% renewable energy

The data centres that we use, run on 100% renewable energy, meaning that they do not emit GHG. For our data centre suppliers to stay aligned with our expectations, we initiate yearly meetings with them to align and discuss initiatives in line with our sustainability agenda.