Supporting e-EFKA - the National Social Security Fund to accelerate Greek citizens’ pension awards

No one should have to worry about retirement, but when pension payments are delayed, it can lead to financial hardship and a lack of trust. e-EFKA is making it easier and quicker for people across Greece to access their pensions.

Millions of people in Greece were finding it challenging to apply for their pensions. They had to keep copies of their entire employment history, getting information from employers was time consuming, and the application process involved lots of bureaucracy, paperwork and manual processes across many different platforms. 

Greece’s largest social security organisation, Electronic National Social Security Fund (e-EFKA), is responsible for making sure people receive their pension awards and payments quickly and securely. They also need to combat pension contribution evasion and avoidance. 

"We value our partnership with Netcompany-Intrasoft.  We have been working together in the field of business analysis, software development, and system operation since e-EFKA establishment and we are pleased with the quality of services they provide. We truly recognize their contribution to e-EFKA digital transformation."
 - Dr Alexandros Varveris, 1st Deputy Governor, e-EFKA
 - Markos Katelanis, General Director of Information and Communication Technology, e-EFKA

We are working with e-EFKA to streamline its different systems and unite them under one new, centralised, pension service, with improved stability, security and reliability. The platform makes it easier and faster for citizens to get their pensions, together with access to multiple e-services for managing other benefits. With this system, e-EFKA can now distribute more than €2bn in pension payments to 2.7 million citizens each month.1

  1. Netcompany-Intrasoft