Tech Nordic Advocates: Supporting the next generation of female entrepreneurs

Tech Nordic Advocates (TNA) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports start-ups founded by women. They do this through collaborative partnerships with their network of tech experts – which include a range of organisations from founders and startups to corporates, universities and public sector organisations. Together, they offer female founders events, business development, networking, mentoring, training and funding.

At Netcompany, entrepreneurship is in our DNA, and we look for opportunities where we can share our experience and knowledge with the next generation of Nordic talent. So, we are delighted to be working with TNA through our new partnership to support them in several ways.

"Tech Nordic Advocates are focused on stimulating startup innovation and growth with a strong focus on sustainability and partnering with companies who themselves are strongly focused on sustainability. That is why Netcompany is such an important partner for us. Together, we're supporting fast growing sustainable tech companies across fintech, fashiontech, traveltech, proptech and many other industry sectors, including on our international women-in-tech growth programme – only one of its kind in Europe – where Netcompany is a key partner."

- Jeanette Carlsson, Founder & CEO, Tech Nordic Advocates

Firstly, we will be sponsoring their work by giving them funding, which will include investment in one or more startups to help them to grow. Secondly, we are extending our internal mentorship scheme by offering mentoring to some of the female tech startup founders that TNA supports. Finally, we will co-host a cross-market event with female founders from several countries, to focus on how we, as established companies, become better incubators for startups.

This is a chance for the founders to market themselves to several established companies taking part in the conference during 2022. Looking ahead to the next phase of our partnership, we will be part of an advisory board where we can help founders grow their businesses by supporting them with business cases and strategy. Through our partnership with TNA, we hope to support women in technology, as well as positioning the Nordics/Baltics as a global tech start-up hub.