Building the foundation for our future

We have created a set of core principles to guide our actions, helping us to build strong, sustainable societies, successful companies and, ultimately, creating better lives for us all.

ESG focus areas

The focus areas we have defined within each of the three pillars all correspond to specific UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this report, we describe each focus area factor, our commitment to it and the initiatives we have already taken.

SDG targets and activities

Diversity across projects

Having a diverse, inclusive workplace is good for our employees, and it enables us to deliver on our goal to contribute to the building of strong, sustainable societies around the world through digitisation. Below is an example of our diversity in numbers across our projects in November 2021.

4 different career tracks

Among our company schemes, Netcompany Academy is our extensive development program. It allows our employees to develop social networks and is one way we support teamwork across career tracks.

19 different educational backgrounds

We find it important and aspiring to foster a unique workplace with diversity in our workforce, where everyone speaks the same language - IT.

16% female project members

We have for many years worked to achieve a more equal gender balance in the industry. It is our aspiration that our efforts will continue to be reflected in our numbers across projects. 

3 different nationalities

We strongly believe that the best results are achieved in an inclusive culture that allows all employees regardless of social identity to collaborate on contributing to creativity, innovation and growth.

8 different titles

We believe that facilitating and promoting communication across seniority levels, helps advance great technological skills and creates optimal conditions for development of our employees.
ESG report 2021

ESG report 2021

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