National Agency for IT and Learning

User-friendly tool that shares data about Danish schools

Netcompany has, in partnership with National Agency for IT and Learning, developed Denmark’s first public dashboard-solution that provides parents a better basis for choosing schools for their children, and specialists are provided with a more balanced data foundation to develop schools. 


The government wanted its data on schools to function as a work tool for teachers, inspectors, board members and parents. 

The purpose of the solution is to create an openness about the schools' results by presenting data in a user-friendly way. 

It is a development tool that helps schools obtain better results, and allows parents, students, teachers and leaders communicate with each other about the challenges.



Compare schools with one click: The solution is based on a superior dashboard that gives an overview across subjects as well as several detailed subject-dashboards that goes in depth in each of the areas, such as grades and welbeing. With one click in the new tool, users can compare the schools’ data on seven parameters.  

The solution is based on a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse, with in-built tabulation cubes.

The dashboard is developed in TARGIT Decision Suite and is integrated directly into the client’s existing SharePoint solution.



Throughout the process, Netcompany has established a close partnership with the National Agency for IT and Learning, which ensures that the solution is delivered to the agreed time, quality and to the agreed budget.

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Martin ABC Hansen