Haarslev Industries

Haarslev Industries streamlines sales activities with CRM

Haarslev Industries A / S uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as a key element to strengthen growth, collaboration and customer insight across a wide range of subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide.

The cloud-based solution makes hidden knowledge visible, consolidates group-critical information onto one global platform, standardises treatment of customer information, facilitates knowledge sharing and provides executive insight into pipelines and sales.

We make hidden knowledge visible. The idea is to support a vision of “One Haarslev” by consolidating knowledge and making it visual to all and by creating coherence and oversight for all employees across the whole concern, worldwide. It is an obvious advantage when tasks can be completed across numerous borders. Similarly, it facilitates cooperation and knowledge significantly, as we become less vulnerable to illness or job changes, because employees more easily can share tasks or take over from each other.
Rasmus Smet, Haarslev Industries A/S, Business Improvement Manager

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