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Telmore gets a new billing system that, among other things, can handle their own product rules, e.g., the innovative Telmore Play.


Telemore is a digital challenger in the Danish telecommunications industry. Their products are innovative and they focus on being fully online. 
Though, through the years, Telemore’s billing-platform had become a hindrance for the speed of innovation. There were also challenges with managing the significant pressure from billing at the end of every month. 


Netcompany's engagement began with an analysis of Telmore's challenges with their existing IT landscape where the analysis included business agility, stability and cost.

The analysis created the foundation for the decision on the launch of the main project with a complete change of platform for a new, flexible and modern platform. The processes consist, e.g., of billing, sales, rating, collections, customer service, etc. 
The project is essential for Telemore’s future and their management group, which consists of the entire board of directors, who meet every week to ensure quick decisions in the project.  


The billing-platform is based on the COTS-platform, Ericsson Metratech and Streamserve, for output management. 

The agile billing and customer platform exists as an agile layer around the TDC-concern’s systems. TDC’s systems manage the telecommunications network and delivers traffic data to Telemore. Telemore can thereafter invoice based on their own product rules, e.g., free facebook-traffic. 

The project was completed in 13 months with high quality and customer satisfaction. 

The new platform has made it possible for Telemore to take the lead in the Danish telecommunications industry with, e.g., the innovative Telemore Play – that focuses on content, including offers on online magazines, e-books, streaming, and much more. 

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Michael Ekegren Christensen