The joint local inspection centers

The joint inspection solution to the county's Socialtilsyn (social supervision)

Netcompany has provided an inspection solution to the country’s inspection centers. The centers are responsible for overseeing social services for vulnerable children and at-risk youth.

In the beginning of 2014, a policy was passed by the government that five new inter-municipal inspection centers were to be formed in five regions. They will be conducting social supervision across several municipalities. Social supervision consists of five social supervision municipalities, responsible for authorising and leading operations-oriented supervision of social services for vulnerable children and at-risk youth.

The intention with the five social inspections was to end old habits and re-think what supervision entails. It was decided to engineer a joint it-system that supports planning, execution and follow-up on inspection reports. 


The new digital inspection solution efficiently supports the mobility that the supervisory consultants experience. 

The systems support the consultants and makes their day more flexible. The systems are used at all times – also without internet connection. The solutions ensure that the workflows are so simple that there is no need to enter more information than needed. Overall, the solution improves and makes the supervisory consultants' workflow more efficient. 


In under four months, Netcompany has successfully established a new joint inspection solution for all of the country’s supervisory centers. The solution is based on Netcompany’s generic inspection solution, that effectively ensures:

  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Professional quality in supervisionOngoing development and optimisation

The solution provides supervisors with effective options for: 
  • Individual evaluation
  • Adjustment of goals  
  • Easy access to historical data 
  • Effective, user-friendly and flexible and digital support for the inspection process 
  • Observation, evaluation of set goals, plan development, implementation of change, set of goals