Delivering a best in class customer experience with a new SaaS based platform to support sales, assortment and marketing efforts

Coop is the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark, owned by more than 1.7 million members. Coop Mad is Coop’s online grocery store offering.

Customers are serviced across Denmark, with a full range of shopping options: through bricks and mortar and click-and-collect, or door-to-door delivery straight from direct distribution centres.

But while Coop's ecommerce infrastructure was well established, the customer experience was lacking engagement. Coop Mad was challenged by decreasing conversion rates, lack of customer insights and the inability to provide best in class customer service and digital relevance. 

Coop Mad decided to implement a new SaaS solution, based on a customer experience platform that embraces the main processes and, thus, supports customer-focused sales, service, assortment and marketing efforts. 

Additionally, the solution served as a proof-of-concept for the rest of the organisation to lead the way, inspire, and establish competencies, elsewhere in Coop.

“With the Salesforce platform, we were able to significantly increase personalisation. Now we hit our recipients with messages that are far more relevant to them in relation to their history with us. For example, we only promote diapers to customers who already buy in the "Kids and Baby" category — we no longer paint with a broad brush. The same goes for wine, gluten-free products, products for lactose intolerance, and so on” Thomas Lyst, Head of CRM and E-commerce, Coop Mad.

  • Single Point of Truth through new CRM system, delivering 360-degree customer overview and real-time customer insights and reporting.
  • Improved and optimised customer journeys. Welcome and win-back programs that have significantly improved conversion rates and retention, for example.
  • Significantly increased omni-channel personalisation with relevant content based on a customer’s data history (purchases, basket size, preferences, etc.).

Thomas Cordth

Partner, Private sector