Less unexpected waiting time is a way to improve the costumer experience. At the same time utilisation of the race tracks for baggage is optimised.

With current capacity for handling bag arrivals being pushed to the limit, particular during peak seasons, CPH (Copenhagen Airports) faced the challenge of optimizing current bag arrival processes or modernize the bag arrival operations for a double digit million investment.

Using artificial intelligence, Netcompany has developed an advanced data driven baggage service that estimates baggage arrival times with 99 percent accuracy. This allows for a significantly improved use of resources, negating the need to modernize operations though large investments, and passengers can now spend their time in the retail area instead of waiting at the baggage carousel.

CPH is the largest airport operator in the Nordic countries with more than 30 million passengers annually and approximately 25,000 people working on-site. It is perceived as one of the world’s most welcoming and efficient traffic hubs due to a strong retail and customer experience. Seamless operations including efficient baggage claim is a major element in the customer journey.



  • The solution eliminates the need to modernize the baggage arrival operations, saving CPH DKK millions in new investments
  • Capacity and allocation of resources have been optimized for 40 million passengers
  • Increased customer service through more accurate estimation of baggage arrival, and better distribution of load on the race tracks in the arrival hall, resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • More precise estimates of baggage arrival allows the passengers to spend time in the retail shops as opposed to waiting at the race tracks, resulting in increased retail revenue

Mehdi Mothaghiani