After Dark - a strong social community

There is no place like us in the IT industry that takes greater responsibility for creating a strong social community. Despite our size, we do not focus on hierarchy and everyone is approachable. During the day, we work for our customers but outside of working hours, we have many different events and activities that strengthen the community across teams. It is a culture and a community that we are proud of as we believe that we perform our best when we know each other and have fun together.

We focus on maintaining a strong social community

In Netcompany, the culture plays an important role as we believe that we perform best when we know each other and have fun together. During the day we focus on our projects but after working hours, we offer a wide range of activities for our employees. Social activities help us to maintain and create unity across projects, teams and physical locations.

After Dark is the focal point

Our After Dark Community is built around a wide range of different offerings, all of which are run by our employees. That means that all employees are given the opportunity to take initiative and choose an activity that they are interested in.

After Dark has a wide spectrum of offers – all arranged by our After Dark committee which is run by employees who have volunteered. We have sports teams for running, badminton, soccer, climbing etc. We also have clubs for those interested in board games, gaming, cultural experiences and much more. The After Dark committee ensures that exceptional events and parties are organized on a regular basis.

Events that ensure close team unity

The social aspect is a priority in each team. This is reflected in team events where the focus is on team building, collaboration and not least a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The events creates a good foundation and ensure a close relationship within the team.