Experienced at Netcompany

Imagine an opportunity to work on some of the largest and most innovative transformation programmes and IT projects in the world, where you play a key role in delivering technology and changing how some of the most recognised brands in the world perform. At Netcompany you will get the chance to do exactly that.

We are an exceptionally ambitious and entrepreneurial organisation that is very proud to be involved in some of the largest and most innovative technology transformation programmes and IT projects. We work with many of the most prestigious companies in the world, and we are renowned for the quality of both our team and our services. Our culture is built strongly upon of a high level of agility, low bureaucracy and a pragmatic approach where we focus on delivering results. As an experienced candidate, this gives you a perfect opportunity to leave your make and drive the many exciting and challenging projects.

We believe that responsibility develops your abilities. You get a lot of responsibility from the beginning of your career in Netcompany.  Experience has shown us that when we trust our employees from day one, it allows them to develop their personal as well as their professional skills in a short amount of time. This also applies to the more experienced profiles that we hire and you should expect to have a huge impact on the projects you will be a part off.

At Netcompany, we have our expertise in common: Everyone has an IT technical background. Everyone is passionate about technology, which creates a unique commitment to the job. We are committed to our customers’ success – we are committed to our employees’ careers – and we are committed to making a real difference. This commitment has made us one of the most successful IT companies in the UK and Northern Europe.

We believe in giving you the opportunity to accelerate your career and become the leading expert in your desired field. Netcompany is geared to make you smarter through courses and certifications in different technologies. The technologies you will be working on will vary as it depends on the project and the client, and this variety gives you the opportunity to constantly develop your technical skills. Furthermore, you will able to join the Netcompany Center of Excellence. The Netcompany Center of Excellence is an internal knowledge based community that covers a wide range of different groups, from specific technologies to methodology just to name a few. Combined you have the chance to learn from the best from across the different countries.
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