The Scandinavian culture shows in every aspect of day-to-day activities

Zofia works as a Manager and is a part of Netcompany’s Data Management Center of Excellence.

Scandinavian culture

Netcompany represents the Scandinavian culture of work and it shows in every aspect of day-to-day activities. What’s more, Netcompany offers a lot of benefits, so everybody can find something for themselves.

Great support from the first day

From the very beginning, you are given a lot of responsibility and you start developing from day one. Accordingly, the ability to quick adaptation to the new work environment is essential. But with your amazing colleagues’ support, you quickly get going. Netcompany always finds a way to integrate people. Therefore, people at Netcompany are really good friends, you always talk with them starting with technical conversation and ending with small talk.

There are no stops in your development

The organizational structure at Netcompany is really flat. But it doesn’t mean that your opportunities of developing yourself or coming up through the ranks are limited. There are no stops in your development. You always have new challenges and opportunities to develop yourself, and your efforts and results are always appreciated.