What I really appreciate about Netcompany is the people who work here.

Vidar has been programming since he was 10 and sat with an Amstrad CPC 464 with cassette player and 64KB RAM. The early interest in programming developed gradually, and today he works as a Team Manager in Netcompany. 

I've always liked to use my head to design and implement systems. I feel at my best when I can combine knowledge and creativity to create something new. Programming gives way to such desires - you take ideas, put them into a computer and suddenly you have created something that is useful in people's lives. I've moved along a technical axis and gone from programmer to technical architect being  close to the code production all the way. 

IT people leading IT people 

My position as Team Manager involves taking responsibility for the technical architecture of projects. It may be drawing up new architecture, but in addition it involves helping my team see the larger lines of the systems we are building, far beyond the specific feature we’re working on this week. This way we build systems that have good uptime, are easy to maintain and with good data quality. 

I get to participate in quite different tasks that give me versatility. I am, among other things, mentoring four other consultants, conducting job interviews and writing proposals. This allows me to gain wide-ranging experience while breaking into the somewhat more technically oriented everyday life. 

Room for everyone 

What I really appreciate about Netcompany is the people who work here! I have good friends in Netcompany and there are nice people in all layers of the company. In addition, there is plenty of room for both busy parents keeping too many balls in the air, ambitious career hunters as well as specialists who would rather just do their job without too much distraction.