Thomas Strahl

Thomas has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Lund’s University of Technology in Sweden (LTH), and has always been motivated to develop professionally and proficiently. Even though the Danish language sometimes can be difficult, it is according to Thomas absolute not a barrier to make a career in Netcompany Denmark.

Why did you choose to apply in a Danish company, when you finished your studies at LTH?

I have often met Netcompany at career fairs at LTH, where I have learned about their culture and set of values. They focus on that you have fun with your colleagues, along with their employees’ career and professional development. On that background I was not in doubt that it was a company I could see myself in.

Another reason why I chose to apply in Netcompany, is because they work with projects in their whole cycle, and not only “body shopping”. That is a rarity we do not have in Sweden.

How was it to start as a consultant?

Quickly I have learnt a whole lot and gotten the opportunity to try out several positions and work assignments, simultaneously with the pleasure of working with countless competent colleagues. It has been very exciting to experience how you work with large projects and how you comply with deadlines. The reason why I started as a consultant was to try out different positions, to figure out what I found the most fun to work with. Netcompany has given me that opportunity and now I feel I do something fun which creates value every day.

How is it to have a Swedish background in Netcompany?

My nationality does not differentiate me from anybody else in Netcompany Denmark and nobody is treated differently. When I started, the number of Swedes was limited and my Danish colleagues sometimes forgot that my Danish was not quite fluent. However, now the number of Swedes has increased so it is not a problem.

What has surprised you the most by starting in Netcompany?

The community in which you become a part of in the company, is very unique and Netcompany has a lean structure. For example, I can talk to the CEO and partners without feeling weird about it. They are always interested in what I have to say and they listen. Besides, I appreciate the opportunity to advance quickly, if that is what you to. If I compare myself with my friends from the studies, their progress has not been as quick as mine.