I am motivated by the team effort

Netcompany has some of the most talented leaders in the IT industry and Ragne Nilsen Ribu is one of them. She is motivated by strong teamwork and as a Principal at Netcompany, Ragne takes her leadership role seriously, doing her best to support the development of each team member.

Working towards goals as a team
Ragne chose to work at Netcompany, as she was motivated to be part of an ambitious, fast-growing IT-services company with a pool of young, skilled IT consultants:

“The organisational structure is relatively flat, and the decision-making process is short. It has been exciting to take part in the development we have gone through at Netcompany Norway, and I look forward to continuing this journey in the years to come.”

Ragne is motivated by working towards clear goals in terms of end-products, deadlines and budgets. She is highly motivated by working with a team to reach common goals, and Ragne especially values the energy that fills the room when the team approaches important deadlines.

Implementation of the Netcompany methodology
Together with her teams, Ragne has delivered large projects, always applying the unique Netcompany methodology: “What I think is unique about the methodology is how it is integrated in the organisation and our culture. This makes it easier to share resources across countries and projects and to quickly onboard new consultants on a project. The methodology is pragmatic and it is easy to adapt to different types of deliveries. It gives you the necessary control and predictability that is needed for complex projects.”

Working closely together with the customer and delivering high quality remains critical:

“It requires hard work and persistency – and priorities, too. As a mother of 6-year-old twins, I must be good at prioritising the most important tasks.” When not at work or with her family, Ragne enjoys spending time on the snow-covered Norwegian slopes doing both cross country skiing and slalom.

Demonstrating integrity as a leader
Ragne believes that a good leader is a leader who demonstrates integrity. She has had many leaders throughout her career, all with different leadership styles, some more effective than others:

“A professional leader is someone you can trust, who makes ethical choices and remains fair towards both employees and our customers. Leaders are role models, and when they act with integrity, setting a positive example for all employees, this will be reflected in the culture.”

And each employee is an important asset, Ragne adds:

“A good leader is also someone who sees, involves and values each employee. I am conscious of helping each individual in my team grow by including them in important decisions and giving them increasingly more responsibility.”

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