"Being challenged is an opportunity for growth"

Pernille Mohn loves to challenge herself. Whether it being kitesurfing, cross-country skiing in the Norwegian snow-covered landscape or developing new software for large IT projects. She always seeks to develop her skills and is not afraid to try something new. This has led her on a professional journey, where she has taken on different roles – both within and outside of Netcompany. 

Responsibility from day one

With a bachelor’s degree in applied computer science from Oslo and Akershus University College, Pernille always knew that she wanted to work with IT. After she graduated in 2012, she kickstarted her career working with test and test automation. 

Pernille’s first encounter with Netcompany happened when she was working on a project for another company. Here she worked together with IT-consultants from Netcompany, and she was impressed by the quality of their work and their commitment to work together as a team rather than individuals. This led her to pursue a career in Netcompany, and in 2017 she joined Netcompany as a developer. “Up until then, I had primarily worked with testing, but I wanted to take my career in another direction.” My new position at Netcompany gave me exactly that opportunity.” At Netcompany, she started working on a big project for PostNord, which was the perfect fit for her. “I got a lot of responsibilities from day one but in a safe environment, where I could always turn to my more experienced colleagues for advice, guidance, and feedback.”

A new opportunity 

After two and a half years at Netcompany, a new opportunity presented itself, and Pernille chose to accept it. “I was offered a job at another company. At the time, it was really appealing to me because they had customers I wished to work with and projects I wanted to be a part of.” With the new position, Pernille got to develop her skills and try out new ways of working, but eventually she came to miss the open and collaborative culture that defines Netcompany. “I missed being a part of a Netcompany team and build something together with others with the same focus”.

Returning to a collaborative culture

Less than a year later, Pernille decided to return to Netcompany. Today she works at Netcompany as a manager, responsible for two teams. “It is challenging, but I know that I am developing my skills and expertise, which is important to me.” At her current projects, she has gotten the chance to be involved from the beginning, and as her fellow colleagues, she has an assigned mentor and a trusted colleague that she can turn to for advice. 

Pernille loves to be at the office together with her colleagues and she values spending time with her team – both socially and professionally. “I love to be a part of a team. It means a lot to me to be able to socialise with my colleagues and build good relationships, but also to get their advice in term of my professional development,” she concludes. 

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