From Cuba to Denmark – how to build a career in the Danish IT-industry

In 2018, Pedro Pablo Bravo Hernández left Cuba to move to Denmark to be with his Danish wife. But how do you build a life and a career in a country so different from your own? And how do you make your everyday work with three small children? With his master in computer science and solid IT-experience, Pedro took up the challenge. Today, he is working on one of our complex projects, developing Danmarks digitale motorregister’s highly advanced information system.

Pedro Hernández grew up in Cuba, where he took his master in computer science. This became the foundation for many years of hard work in the Cuban IT-industry, working with both IT-security and modernisation of the national financial infrastructure. Nevertheless, in 2018 he decided to test the waters of a new geographical setting and moved to Copenhagen to unite his family.

But building a life in a completely new culture is not easy – especially when you only have a small network to draw on. Pedro’s ambitions were high, and he was determined to build a career in the Danish IT-industry. So, to grow his network, Pedro started his journey in a Danish restaurant, where his social being, and strong IT-background quickly landed him a job as IT Specialist followed by a job as Back-end Developer. In 2021, he decided to join forces with Netcompany.

We are better together

Today, Pedro operates as a Developer on our DMR project (Danmarks digitale motorregister), where he is working with the development of an information exchange system that provides an infrastructure and software to countries to share car- and driving licence-registration information within the European Union. More specifically he works on the implementation of the European Electronic Toll Service, securing that unpaid tolls make it all the way to their rightful owners.

“You get responsibility from day one. It forces you to develop every day and it is an incredible way to start off a new project”. Luckily, according to Pedro, a lot of responsibility is not so intimidating when you have an experienced and talented team behind you. “Everyone helps everyone go through mistakes and share knowledge. That’s what makes our success” 

“It’s not just something they say”

One thing that Pedro really appreciates about his time in Netcompany is working with very skilled and talented colleagues.  “It’s not just something they say – that IT-people lead IT-people – it’s really true. When you go on a seminar, it can be anyone from your colleague to your manager to André, our CEO, teaching. So, there is plenty of opportunities to engage with all levels of the business”. 
Moreover, the Netcompany After Dark activities have helped Pedro grow his network in Copenhagen. “It gives you the opportunity to get new friends and meet your colleagues in a more casual setting”.

Programming with his son

One of the most important things to Pedro, however, is his time with his family. He has three little kids and a lovely wife that rank the highest on his list of priorities, which is why flexibility at work is crucial. Pedro tries to introduce his kids to the world of IT through fun games and programming. With his eight-year-old son, he is playing on the Minecraft platform, programming robots to perform certain actions. Next father-son project will be to programme a drone, which both are looking forward to.

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