Nguyen Quang Tin

Nguyen Quang Tin is a test specialist at Netcompany, and to him, one of the most important things about going to work, is the opportunity to develop new skills and take on interesting projects and responsibility.

I joined Netcompany as a Test Specialist in the beginning of 2019. From day 1,  I got to work on one of the most interesting projects, I have ever been involved with. Because of that, I have gained lots of new experiences and acquired new skills as well as the opportunity to take on more responsibility on the project.

Plenty of room to develop

One of the things, I really like about Netcompany, is that I get to choose what skill sets I would like to improve and what role I aim to be in, in the next few years. I really feel that Netcompany cares about how they can create room for their employees to develop and become better through challenging work and amazing internal training courses. And if you don’t know exactly what path to choose for your career, you can always get good advice from colleagues and project leaders, who are happy to help.

A great balance between work and fun 

Besides helping you develop your technical skills, Netcompany organizes social events, that we call  “Netcompany After Dark”, Friday bars and many outdoor activities, where people from different projects get to hang out, have a drink, share stories and have fun. I feel like Netcompany cares about creating a good balance between hard work and fun.