A new project means new opportunities

Nanna Mjørud has worked as a system developer at Netcompany since she graduated in 2014. Since day one, she has been given new responsibilities and challenges. Nanna thrives at the client she works for, and enjoys the idea that she has the opportunity to switch projects if she feels like trying something new.

A nice mixture of different responsibilities and development 

My days are quite varied as I have several different responsibilities. In addition to the tasks as a developer, I have the role as scrum master where I ensure that the team follows the scrum methodology. This includes holding scrum meetings such as standups, sprint planning, sprint retrospective, and shielding the team from outside disturbance. Additionally, I have responsibilities as a test manager and administrative manager. Lately, I have also started to specify tasks for smaller projects. To sum up, my day is filled with a nice mixture of development, assistance in production, client meetings and tasks that comes from being test lead and scrum master.

The desire to make others better

I would say one of the things that separates Netcompany from other work places is the desire to make each other better. The eagerness to help and share knowledge with our colleagues permeate the company culture, and is one of the many things that I appreciate the most about Netcompany. I also appreciate the social events and our professional development program.

Safe environment

I feel that I have developed my skills massively since graduating. I have been challenged and given responsibilities in a safe and supportive environment. Additionally, I have developed my skills through our Centers of Excellence where we have the opportunity to explore and learn new technologies, and I also learn a lot from the talented colleagues on my team.