Mats Rosbach

Mats Rosbach has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from The University of Oslo, and he started at Netcompany after he finished his degree.

I am responsible for my team doing its best

My first project was at Norsk Kulturråd, and it was Netcompany’s newest customer. Early I got the responsibility to follow the daily operations of the case management system. After a few years, I started in a new project at Norges Forskningsråd. Here, I got the position as Scrum Master, and I got an increasing number of work tasks where I tailored the solutions to the customer. I started working in a project at Oslo kommune during the autumn of 2017 as an architect and team leader. I have the daily responsibility to make sure that my team does their best. I specify tasks in collaboration with the customer, and I make sure that everyone on the team have tasks that they find interesting and can learn from. The role as an architect implies that you have an overall view of the entire system in order to develop new and better solutions. Therefore, you have a long-term goal that you can work towards.  

Socially beneficial projects

It is motivating to be involved in socially beneficial projects. My work contributes to solve the customer’s challenges which further contributes to competitiveness and added value for the society. When working in a team, you can take advantage of each other’s competencies to solve complex challenges. You develop professionally through discussions with your peers, and you can do this every day when you work together with others. I like to work as a consultant as I can work with different customers. No customers are alike and you work with many different challenges.