I wanted to work in an international environment

Mateusz started his career at Netcompany straight after graduating from Warsaw University of Technology. In his project, Mateusz creates solutions for the Danish local authorities and he likes that through his work he can improve the lives of other people.

Mateusz has worked at Netcompany for over two years. Earlier this year, he got promoted to Senior Architect. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

A talented mathematician who chose IT

His introduction to IT and programming was at the university. Earlier, at high school, he was very passionate about mathematics and he always knew he would pursue a technical subject in the future. At that time he took part in many math competitions and he won a few of them, including the prestigious competition organized by the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. The award he received was a dream for many young people in Poland – a scholarship for a course of his choice, at any faculty at the AGH. However, he eventually decided to enroll at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Working in an international environment was key

There was one experience from the university which had a great impact on his future and his professional decisions. One of the best decisions during my studies was taking part in a student exchange. I had studied at the Polytechnic of Catalonia in Barcelona for one semester and it was a great experience! This made me realize that in the future I wanted to work in an international environment, with people of different nationalities and use English in my everyday work. When I looked for a job after graduating, it was one of the key criteria for choosing a future employer. That was one of the reasons why I decided to join Netcompany.

Mateusz started his work here when he was a full-time student. From the very beginning, he was amazed by people’s support and the trust placed in new employees from day one. In his case, he got an opportunity to travel abroad and take part in workshops with the client in his first weeks. Since graduating, he’s been challenged with more complex technical tasks as well as coordinating a five-person team in the Warsaw office. On a daily basis, Mateusz prepares designs, analyses and implements required functionalities. As a programmer, he likes that his tasks are not repetitive and require a lot of creativity. It's a constant search for solutions and problem-solving.

Currently, he is engaged in projects for the Danish public sector. In the project I work on, we’re creating a system for processing documents and processing citizens' affairs. The system is used by officials from the local government. It improves their work and allows them to help citizens more efficiently. It’s always very rewarding when the work I do has more meaning and it helps someone and brings added value to society.

Many development opportunities

The number of different development opportunities at Netcompany is another thing that Mateusz really appreciates. You can grow as a programmer, build critical systems used by thousands of people and use state of the art technologies, or work closer with the business and manage a team, depending on your preferences. In my opinion, it’s a great place to develop yourself or even kick off your career, if you’re a fresh grad. Mateusz also points out that he has improved both his coding and interpersonal skills here.

Mateusz recalls his start at Netcompany and the significant role played by his mentor in his development. He also attended  Mentor Training recently and became a fully-fledged mentor. Now, in his new role, he wants to use his experience to support others, helping fresh graduates to build a successful career in IT.

The people that I work with are the best

 Mateusz thinks that one of the great advantages of working at Netcompany are the people. Ambition, commitment and eagerness to share the knowledge are some of the qualities that he highly values. However, the factor that really makes Netcompany different from other companies on the market is a rich social life, with the After Dark clubs and events. I'm a big football fan and Netcompany allows me to pursue this passion. We play in a football league where we compete with other companies. In my opinion, it’s a perfect way to spend time together and it helps us strengthen our friendships and improves our work and teamwork on other days.