If you’re thirsty for more challenges, you will get them

Martin, 27, Senior Developer, BA in Information Technology from University of Southern Denmark and chairman of Netcompany’s football team ”Executers”: ”When you work together with a client or colleague and can say: We’ve got this problem, this is how we can solve it – and then you get it done. That’s an awesome feeling!”

”If I look back on the roughly 3 years I’ve been at Netcompany, I have really grown,” says Senior Developer Martin Winberg Olsen. “As soon as you get started, it accelerates. Once you know how to do one thing, you can do a whole bunch of other things — and then suddenly you have a massive toolbox you can use!”

Martin had his first day at Netcompany in 2017, after finishing his BA in Information Technology at University of Southern Denmark. He started as Developer in Netcompany’s APS unit, which is responsible for maintenance and further development of Netcompany’s IT solutions.

As a Developer in Netcompany, you are part of a set team with a client portfolio, and there are a number of clients you solve tasks for. Some days you meet at one of Netcompany’s locations, and one or more days of the week, you’re on-site with the client. This means that no week is the same, and that you will be working on a wide range of tasks for various clients.

Identify the challenge — and solve it
As a Developer, you always have your eye on how you can make processes easier for the client. “One of our tasks is to identify the challenges our clients may be facing — perhaps challenges they haven’t even thought there could be a smart solution to,” says Martin. “This is definitely what motivates me the most in my work. The feeling you get when you work together with a client or colleague and can say: We’ve got this problem; this is how we can solve it — and then you get it done. That’s an awesome feeling.”

The diversity of tasks and clients, combined with a set team, are the things that Martin values most in his work. Since he started working at Netcompany, he has been part of the same team and has become close friends with many of his colleagues.

Get to know a lot of people
Martin makes no secret of the fact that the social part of going to work is something he values highly. He was involved in the establishment of Netcompany’s Counter-Strike team, and today he is chairman of Netcompany’s football team “Executers”. “It is fun taking part in the social activities at Netcompany. In the beginning, I really gave it my all and participated in a bunch of Friday bars — this way, you really get to know a lot of people!

At Netcompany, the social part of going to work — including our After Dark community — certainly has the management’s attention. They understand the importance of employees getting to know each other across teams and having fun together. And they are not shy of participating in the activities themselves. “The management at Netcompany is very down to earth. It’s really cool that you can sit and play Counter-Strike with a Principal or have a beer with André (CEO) or Claus (COO),” says Martin.

This also encourages you to be part of making these activities happen, he says. And then it is a way of challenging yourself, strengthening your network and creating a lot of good friendships.

Managers who trust in your skills
Opportunities to evolve aren’t something Martin’s had to wait for. “I think most would agree with me when I say that there is a very steep learning curve in Netcompany. When you start as a Developer, you instantly get thrown into a task: Solve this! That is great. And, of course, you have back-up from your more experienced colleagues, who are ready to help you. From then on it pretty much escalates,” he says. “If you are thirsty for more challenges, you just speak up and you will get them. Netcompany isn’t afraid of throwing people into something they (on paper) perhaps shouldn’t be ready for. But if you let your manager know, you can do it, you get the chance to show it!”

Martin experienced this himself recently, when he was assigned the task of handling the transition of a solution from project to maintenance — a task that usually wouldn’t be given to someone who is “just” senior. “I had expressed to my manager that he could leave this task with me — that I was ready to take on such a challenge — and then he let me run with it. That’s very motivating!”

Martin says that it’s natural to feel a bit insecure in the beginning, when you’re suddenly given a lot of new tasks that you might not be completely sure how to solve. “You quickly learn that you learn fast,” he says and laughs. “As a Developer you get around a lot and work with many different technologies and clients. I was assigned to a team that mainly works with Microsoft Dynamics 365, so apart from coding in C#, I was also assigned tasks where I had to write JavaScript or SQL. It might feel challenging at first, but it is very rewarding!”