If you are unsure of what to choose, then becoming a consultant is always a good choice

Mads found a good fit between his education in Computer Science and working as an IT consultant. He graduated from the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen in 2021, and just after he started working at Netcompany. In the following interview, Mads shares his thoughts about his first year in Netcompany.

What surprised you the most about starting in Netcompany? 
The biggest surprise for me was how “responsibility from day one” had to be understood quite literally. From day one I was assigned to a project with a relatively short deadline and became responsible for a crucial and essential part of the project. The job has been challenging from time to time, but not to a degree I couldn’t handle. And I have learned a lot during the process. Today I am leading the project and have learned a lot from my colleagues and the customer. 

Has your work as an IT Consultant influenced your professional and social development? 
Luckily, my IT education made me very capable of learning new things, which makes me less constrained to a specific programming method or one type of technology. Because of this, I have always been ready to solve new problems and strengthen my professional competencies, which Netcompany has done a great job facilitating. I was assigned to a project with tech stack, which I don’t have any experience with. Despite this, I was shown a lot of trust. I felt included, and I was taken seriously no matter the complexity of the task. During my job search, I was specifically looking for an employer where I could test my competencies, be challenged professionally, and not be buried in a two-year graduate program. With Netcompany I experience constant development – both professionally and socially. 
Do you have a piece of advice for a new graduate who are looking for an employer?
Know your requirements, and do not settle. Competent IT people are a necessity, so choose an employer who can fulfill your requirements. Whether it is the choice of technology, the level of contact with customers, or – most importantly to me – an employer who trusts you. If you are unsure of what to choose, then becoming a consultant is always a good choice. As a consultant, you have the possibility of trying all permutations from project to project. 

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