“Being able to break down the complex puzzle in a giant industry is thrilling!”

Meet Jonas Karlsson, a Senior Consultant who works in the company Smarter Airports, formed by CPH and Netcompany. Jonas’s job is both interesting and fulfilling because of the real-world impact of his work. In his own words, Smarter Airports is a unique collaboration of tech and aviation enthusiasts who can all, in the best sense of the word, be described as nerds, that care about creating a platform that just makes sense.

What are your typical daily tasks as a Senior Consultant?

Smarter Airports forms an adaptive environment, where you can both learn a wide range of skills as well as take a deep dive into modern technologies. Where one of my days might involve design workshops on dynamic authorization frameworks or the implementation of complex and niche technologies, the next could be dedicated to holding a sales demo addressing executive decisions or helping prepare the onboarding of many users.

What has been the most interesting about AIRHART – and why?

Much of today’s software focuses on the digital space, so it’s interesting to see the application of new technology in a long-standing industry that is so central to our physical infrastructure. It is fascinating to see both the similarities and differences in breaking new ground and revitalizing an existing industry using the same tools.

What motivates you in your work?

Being able to learn from colleagues who are extremely knowledgeable in an environment where there is always room, and hunger, to grow creates a rare and motivating experience.

What does it mean for you to be part of a comprehensive transformation of an entire industry and thereby influence important infrastructure?

Excluding the events of last year, the aviation industry faces many challenges, some of which may be solved by digitisation of the whole sector. Having the possibility to work with AIRHART and being able to break down the complex puzzle of aviation, and to challenge the concepts of the industry to rebuild a futuristic eco-system is a thrilling experience. When people talk about what creates a sense of fulfillment at work, they often want to be faced with challenges where they can have a real impact, and this job checks that box!

Jonas Karlsson

Position: Consultant
Education: MSc in Mechatronics
Nationality: Swedish
Fun fact: Can assemble IKEA furniture really fast


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