I am responsible for making sure my colleagues have the best possible working environment

In Netcompany, all our project managers have a technical background, as it is an important prerequisite for being able to understand the customers’ needs, creating the best solution and not least managing the team. Here Jesper tells about how he became a project manager and country manager of Netcompany Vietnam.

A change of direction

Jesper Klitgaard has been employed at Netcompany since he graduated as a Civil Engineer within Software Development from the University of Aarhus Denmark. When I was studying software development I remember that I wanted to work with product development and had no vision of becoming a project manager or leading other people. So it was a bit of a coincidence that I joined Netcompany after graduating, but when I did I discovered that I liked the challenges related to understanding the business and the requirements of the client along with planning and leading other people within a project.

Project manager after just 4 years 

So I started pursuing the career of becoming project manager along with developing my technical skills within software development. I quickly advanced and within 4 years from graduating I was project manager in Netcompany with the responsibility of my first project and project team.

Steep learning curve

Onwards my responsibility grew and I got involved in larger and more complex business critical projects that allowed me to further develop my skills within project management and leadership. I find it very rewarding delivering IT projects successfully on time and on budget and at the same time being able to motivate and help develop my colleagues with their professional career.

The responsibility keeps growing 

I am grateful that even after more than 13 years in Netcompany I’m still being challenged and most recently I got the opportunity to become the country manager for Netcompany Vietnam. I’m now responsible for making sure that my colleagues have the best possible working environment when they come to work every day committed to delivering on our many projects.