Jean-Paul Delimat

Jean-Paul holds a Master’s Degree in IT and Electronics and joined Netcompany in February 2017. Jean-Paul started as Senior Consultant and starting January 2018 as a Manager. Learn about his daily work on our projects.

Educational backround within IT and Electronincs

If it comes to my educational background I went to Engineering School in Grenoble (France) and studied Computer Science and Electronics. I participated in the Erasmus Student Exchange Program during my last year of University at Warsaw University of Technology, specializing myself in IT systems.

Why I applied to Netcompany?

A previous colleague of mine who joined 1 year earlier recommended the company as a great workplace in terms of technical challenges and company culture.

Starting at Netcompany was pretty easy. Day one is a bit boring because you need to go through all the administrative challenges, mandatory security protocols and training, but at the end of the day you get picked up by your Team Lead and… on day two you just dive in. You are already a part of the team.

In my first year I’ve worked in a team of 3 to 9 people and we were building a “startup like” market place. It was great because we had the customer on our daily stand up calls so we could get a firsthand information about the business, the requirements, and get fast answers to any questions that would pop up. The tech stack was also great: NodeJS, React, cloud CI/CD with Bitbucket/Heroku/Travis.

Customer oriented tasks

What I appreciate about working in Netcompany are the tasks I get. The tasks one gets in Netcompany are all customer oriented: the teams are in close contact with the customers’ requirements and have great freedom to implement what they thank might be a good solution.

The teams are free to implement the projects requirements as they see fit. We can choose the technologies that are best suited for the project based on the context and team members strength, making the best of the time we have on the project and allowing people to work on a tech stack they love.

A fun place to work

There is also a lot of freedom for social activities. In Netcompany there is probably a club of your favorite sport or hobby already, and if there isn’t you can just create one.

Being with your colleagues is important as well. Netcompany is a friendly place to work because people are just nice, fun and open minded. There is a positive spirit towards working together and helping each other out.

Why should someone apply for a job in Netcompany?

The key things one usually looks for in a job are the company culture, the kind of tasks and responsibilities, and the salary. The latter is definitely at a good level, and the first two are just at a very high level: the company culture is great, work/personal time balance is a very important thing and the number of events and parties organized for the employees and their families makes it a very cool place to work at. In terms of tasks and responsibilities, we have all kinds of projects with different types of challenges: some are purely technical, some involve managerial skills to navigate between customers’ expectations and technical hick ups. There is plenty of room to do what you do best already, or learn what you would like to know how to do.