Between Sweden and Denmark: Growing while working

Hanne's reason for studying IT was far from obvious, but after some years she realized that the IT industry is for everyone and everything.

Getting there was difficult, but staying was an easy choice because of the chance to take part in developing both the future of IT and her own skills while helping people. Hanne Heingård graduated from Lund University in Sweden with a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2018.

How have you experienced your own personal and professional development at Netcompany?
Socially, I’ve developed my people skills and I’m now able to confidently talk in front of a crowd – also in Danish. Professionally, I think I’ve developed excellent problem-solving skills which not only can be used while coding but also be applied to non-work-related situations. The responsibility and chance to influence decisions being made from day one really accelerated my growth personally and professionally. At first, I was surprised and overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility that was laid on me as I started in Netcompany but I think it has helped me to learn quicker. With responsibility, you get the feeling that you are important and needed which helps in making you develop into a confident person with a positive mindset.

In your opinion, what are the biggest differences between working in Denmark and working in Sweden?
The biggest difference between working in Denmark and in Sweden is of course that you will encounter the Danish language daily. Learning to speak a new language fluently is something I’ve always wanted to do, and you get a sense of pride when you achieve that. Another difference is that I think Danes in general are more direct and open when speaking to you, compared to Swedes.

What is it like to commute as part of your job?
Commuting as a Swede to Denmark is easier than one might think, there’s one train from Malmö to Copenhagen stopping at all the essential stations close to the metro and there’s always a chance to meet your colleagues for a chat in Swedish on the way there or home as most of us tend to take trains within the same hours. On the way home, I usually try and get some work done which means I can leave the office a bit earlier.

How do you experience management at Netcompany?
Management in Netcompany is in my opinion without prestige, and Managers are easy to talk to. When I need guidance and reach out to my Manager, I get a quick and accurate response without having to feel like I wasted anyone’s time. It’s a big plus to feel that you can talk to your manager about anything anytime. Your concerns and requests are taken seriously by management which makes you feel that your opinion matters.

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