"Luckily, there’s always a colleague to ask"

Although Filip Karabeleski lives in Malmö, he was drawn by the opportunity to work in a foreign country and with meaningful projects. But how do you overcome the challenges that arise when crossing Oresund on a daily basis? And how do Netcompany help you succeed in your new role? 

In his early childhood, Filip dreamed of walking amongst dinosaurs and becoming a palaeontologist. However, one dream was quickly replaced by another, as he discovered the fascinating world of computer games. From there, his dream of a career in IT began to sprout.

A variety of tasks

Filip starts most days of the week in the train from Malmö to Flintholm, enjoying a warm cup of coffee to wake him up. Although he lives in Malmö, Filip was drawn by the opportunity to work in a foreign country and in an organisation with meaningful projects.

Today, Filip constitutes a valuable member of our remarkable project at Motorstyrelsen, where he works with the Danish Register of Motor Vehicles. As a part of the Development team, he contributes to the development and implementation of new features to the website as well as ensuring that the solution accommodates all legal requirements. To this, full stack development and data migration make a big part of Filip’s day.

“When I started in Netcompany, I thought my primary tasks would be within coding, but I quickly discovered that they would vary within the whole project frame - from the beginning to the end. So, I actually have a broad variety of tasks, including project management, workshops, testing, customer relations, and much more”. This has given Filip a more diverse every day, which he values deeply.

However, to Filip, his colleagues make the greatest part of his job. “It’s a very social workplace, where you can talk to everyone – both when solving difficult tasks, eating lunch or at one of our many social events. The potential for building new relations is truly there. Every week there are new activities to participate in after work”.

Crossing Oresund

When asking Filip what the biggest difference from Sweden to Denmark is, he smiles and pinpoints the Danish sarcasm. “In Sweden, we tend to be more politically correct, where the Danes appear more loose. We have had a lot of laughs on that account”.

However, despite the sarcasm, the differences are actually not many. Yet, it can still seem overwhelming to start a new job in a Danish office – “you must learn a new language, and get a lot of practicalities in order, regarding both taxes, NemID, salary etc. Luckily, there’s always a colleague to ask. To this, we actually have a chat for swedes, which also is a nice network to lean on”. To Filip, the language posed as the biggest challenge, “but as soon as you get your everyday in the office, you will learn quickly. And also, we are many people in the same boat, so no need to worry!”

As the day draws to a close, Filip turns towards Malmö again along with his other commuting colleagues. If necessary, the final work of the day is done, otherwise it’s all about fun stories and good conversations with his colleagues.

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