A unique opportunity

Eva Blichfeldt Nielsen from Denmark worked as Senior Consultant in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and is now back in Copenhagen. Studying political science, mathematics and economics at university, Eva does not have a classic IT background. But with her interest in working with complex issues where IT and programming plays the main role, the leap to the IT industry was obvious. Here, you can read more about why Eva chose to work at Netcompany and decided on working abroad.

Why did you choose to work at Netcompany?

After I finished my education, I had a general idea that I would like to work on optimisation and problem solving. I then heard that at Netcompany I could get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in building IT solutions - even when I did not have several years of experience in software development. If one has the desire and ability to learn new techniques, it can be done. In addition, it appealed to me that Netcompany has a career model targeting recent graduates.

How did you end up working as a Senior Consultant in Vietnam?

I had been on my project for well over a year when I was asked if I wanted to work in Vietnam. By that time, the project had gained several Vietnamese teams, and I had to be sent off to contribute with the domain and business knowledge I acquired in the first phase of the project. It felt like a unique opportunity – both in relation to the project and as personal development. Also, I wanted to try living abroad for some time, so it was an easy choice.

Working abroad, what has been particularly instructive?

It was great to experience that the Netcompany culture is recurring in Ho Chi Minh as well as in Denmark. The office is filled with a lot of ambitious and skilled employees that I was able to learn from technically. One of the most instructive things was to realise that good communication is key in an international project with teams in several countries. During COVID-19, I think most people have experienced the importance of online communication when working from home. However, if you have a time difference of 5-6 hours on top of that, it becomes even more important that knowledge is exchanged clearly and in a timely manner.

What are your ambitions and/or dreams for your career?

Working abroad was a great career experience to cross off the bucket list. I would like to try working with international clients and possibly work abroad again.

What makes it fun to go to work – and why?

Originally, I applied to Netcompany for the opportunity to gain more technical experience, but I have since learned to appreciate that IT consulting is at least as much about working with people. This concerns both the external relationship to the customer, and the internal relationship to your team and project members, where you must make a project successful through joint efforts. What makes it fun for me is working with my colleagues.

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