Erik Lanuza

Erik Lanuza has a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He worked with product design before he started in Netcompany.

Work tasks are getting more and more exciting

I design the right solutions for the customer. Typical assignments are mapping and analysing, generating solution ideas and concepts, design and detailing, making prototypes and usability testing. I appreciate the variation in work tasks and the solutions I work with. Additionally, it is great to have colleagues that make the process easier and the solutions better. I constantly feel challenged and I continue my development in the design field. Also, it is exciting to observe the different challenges at each customer and how you can work differently to solve these. 

A variety of activities

Netcompany has many activities for their employees, and we are encouraged to take initiatives to activities based on our own wishes and interests. Therefore, we have a wide range of activities that you can join as the Friday bar, the climbing group, the running group and the film society. 

Great colleagues

If you start working at Netcompany you will have great colleagues. You will also get an employer who cares about you and your professional development. Netcompany has a flat structure where collaboration is the key. This makes you feel certain that the choices you make and the decisions taken will bring good solutions to the customers and the end users.