Swedish IT Consultant in Denmark: “Commuting is not that big of a deal”

Emma Asklund was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden where she still lives. As an IT Consultant at Netcompany, it is part of her job to commute between Malmö and Copenhagen.

Emma always had a technical interest in understanding how things worked so when she heard about programming, she thought it sounded interesting which resulted in her getting a master’s degree in Computer Science.

What are your typical daily tasks?
My daily tasks mainly consist of me one way or another working to change something in a system. Initially, I receive information from the customer about what needs to be done, and then I figure out a possible solution. Subsequently, I talk to the customer to check that they agree with the solution, and lastly, I implement it. Sometimes, the work is based on change requests from the customer or new features, other times it involves small bug fixes.

In your opinion, what are the biggest differences between working in Denmark and working in Sweden?
In my opinion, the biggest difference is the language and that we in Denmark work 8 hours a day including lunch break which means that we work 2.5 hours less than I would have done in Sweden. The atmosphere and culture in the workplace are pretty much the same in Denmark and Sweden.

What is it like to commute as part of your job?
I don’t think that commuting is that big of a deal. I can work during most of the train ride, especially in the mornings. This means that I'm not away from home much longer than I would have been if I worked in Malmö.

Are there areas that you have had to work on developing?
Even if Danish is not that different from Swedish, it is the part that I have had to work on the most; to be able to actively engage in conversation in Danish. Mostly during lunchbreaks where there can be a lot of other noises.