Implementing a multi-channel platform – four questions for the consultant

IT Consultant Daniel Ramyar grew up in Copenhagen and has been interested in science for as long as he can remember. Therefore, it was an obvious choice for him to study physics at the University of Copenhagen after high school, and here, he discovered a passion for solving complex tasks. By the end of his education, Daniel was presented with a lot of programming tasks, and he never forgets the euphoria of the first completed project. He knew right away that this was the path he wanted to take. Today, Daniel has worked on several different projects, including the implementation of a multi-channel platform for Novo Nordisk. In this article, you can read about Daniel’s perspectives on the collaboration with Novo Nordisk.

What motivates you during business hours?

I love the unpredictability of daily work. Every day is a new challenge that presents me with the opportunity to develop my professional skills through complex issues that can easily take more than a day to solve. The feeling of standing with a finished, beautiful solution and a product that is going to be used is a hugely motivating factor for me – I am never bored! In addition to working on the professional competencies, I love developing relational skills. One of the aspects I enjoy the most is talking directly to the customer and building a good relationship to come up with the best possible solution for them. In addition, I cannot help but look forward to seeing the best colleagues one could wish for in the morning!

How have you experienced the collaboration with Novo Nordisk?

You really discover how big an organization a company like Novo Nordisk is when you sit down with customers from all over the world, from the US and India to everything in between. It has been a pleasure to meet and work with all these people from Novo Nordisk. With as close collaboration as we have, you gain a lot of insight into Novo Nordisk as a company, and therefore your role as a consultant is even more important, which is cool as it makes me feel that I have influence on the decisions that the customer ends up making.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge has been to familiarize myself with the entire development environment, as all the technologies, structures, and programming languages can seem overwhelming at first. In addition to the internal systems and processes at Netcompany, as a consultant you must gain insight into the processes at Novo Nordisk and learn about their partners as it is a huge and complex deal when projects at Novo Nordisk are started. It may seem overwhelming and challenging at first, but it is also one of the aspects that I love the most about this project!

Which areas of work have you focused on during your career at Netcompany?

During my time at Netcompany, I have been assigned a lot of interesting new areas of work such as team leading/managing and business development, each of which has been challenging in different ways. Where in team leadership you can make good use of your social skills so that everyone in the team thrives, in business development you must use a lot of professional knowledge to arrive at the best innovative solution for the customer. Both aspects are full of exciting elements!

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