Anna Maria Podczaska

Anna is currently doing an Engineer Degree in Computer Science and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. In the following section, Anna tells her story and her experience coming from science to IT.

From science to IT

I came from science to IT. My Scientific background gave me the ability to see a big picture as well as to keep the attention to details. I started in IT thanks to self-developed coding skills in C++. Currently I am getting close to finish my Computer Science degree.

Why did I apply for a job in Netcompany?

I was found by our HR Team on LinkedIn. The offer seemed very interesting, required skillset fitting into my abilities and the office was just 10floors from my previous job. The job interviews proved that Netcompany vision fits right into my professional attitude.

My start in Netcompany was really good. After a great onboarding introduction I immediately started working on Dynamics CRM project which was exactly what I wanted to do. There is no quarantine in Netcompany, you jump straight into your own responsibilities. It’s great and won’t let you feel bored. My day to day tasks is mainly code development jobs in back-end as weel as front-end technologies.

A big focus on development social activities

I really appreciate the focus Netcompany has on employee development – it a important thing in the everyday work. We learn from each other and we are all happy to share our knowledge both in daily assignments as well as Centers of Excellence.

In the same way the Netcompany culture is all about responsibility. from the first day, we get our tasks and we are responsible for them. Netcompany culture is about guidance and help if needed, but we also get a lot of independence in our work. Aside from special cases there is no micromanagement.

We have a lot of fun in Netcompany and everybody can find something for themselves. I go out with the Theatre Group, but there are many others sport activities that I’d like to join as soon as my semester finishes. This creates a great atmosphere in the office. It is of course created by the people who work here. It’s a pleasure to cooperate with committed people who are good specialists and communicate well. If we encounter some difficulties in a project, there is no place for panic or blaming, we always talk in terms of solutions, not problems. All of these things make going to work a pleasure, not an obligation.

Why should someone apply for a job in Netcompany?

If you want to work on interesting projects with highly skilled professionals who know how to have fun after hours you should definitely join.