I keep on learning more and more every day

Alicia Fernández Lezaun obtained her bachelor's and master's in Telecommunication in Spain, where she was born and raised. She finished her master's at Delft University of Technology through the Erasmus Exchange Program for masters, after which she decided to continue her career in Delft. After a short period back in Spain she started in the Netherlands as a developer leaving Spain and Telecommunications behind.

Dutch lessons together

After I started at Netcompany I worked in the APS team for some months and felt at home from the start. The introduction period went well, everyone was friendly and helpful, especially with the Dutch language. After some time I got the opportunity to work on the Proof of Concept for a big tender. After we got the contract I was asked to move permanently to the project’s team. I really enjoy working at that project and I am learning a lot about how the Netcompany approach and methodology. It is a very international team: we work with colleagues from Vietnam, Poland and Denmark. Although it is a very international setting I also follow Dutch lessons together with all the non-Dutch colleagues working at the Delft office. In itself, it didn't bother me at work that I didn't speak Dutch because everyone switches to English quite easily. But for the contact with our customers it is easier when you speak Dutch.

I keep on learning more and more every day

At the APS team I worked on several projects at the same time and closely together with the clients. A group of developers is assigned to each project depending on your availability and the amount of work. 

Now I am working for only one customer, but the work is very diverse. As a consultant I am responsible for several documents and I still communicate directly with the customer. I am also a stand in for the Scrum master when she is not there. All this helps me to keep on learning more and more every day.