Adam Stańkowski

Adam Stańkowski started his career in Netcompany as a Junior Java Developer and now he’s on Senior level. Adam shares his impressions of changing his path from Scrum Master and taking responsibility from the first day.

A good place to start a new chapter in a career

 I heard a lot of good things about Danish business culture. I also had a great impression during the recruitment process. It  has naturally occurred, that Netcompany is  a perfect place where I would like to start  the new chapter of my professional career as a developer.

It’s great that at Netcompany, the development path for each employee is transparent. There’s something to choose from, whether you’re more into technology or management. There’s also a lot of help provided by colleagues from the team, so developing my skills seems really easy.

I got a lot of support from the first day

I was impressed, that people in my team had a lot of patience and gave me some time to learn. They knew that I was a new person in the company and "fresh" in the role. Together with my Team Leader they made my introduction and learning process much easier. From the very beginning, I received positive feedbacks about myself - people appreciated not only my technical skills, but also communicativeness or enthusiasm. 

Professional approach above all

I was surprised by a lot of responsibility from the start. That means that in a short period of time I have gained more freedom and great opportunity to work on new, challenging tasks. Since very beginning I had to learn and ought to manage my work time by myself. This is also what Netcompany values are about -professional and reliable approach to employees and to every day work. What I appreciate a lot are relations between all employees. No matter if it’s CEO or a team member, you are always welcomed to share your thoughts and ideas.    

My previous experience is a great contribution for the team

My team works in Scrum so based on my previous experience I help them to achieve various goals. I use my coding skills and improve them on daily basis. I learn how to use them in a broader set of environments and configurations. The tasks I’m given are more and more complex and I’m trusted to drive them on my own or consult with others if I need help. This gives me a good sense of ownership.