Adam Matthews

Meet Adam Matthews, an Infrastructure Principal at our Leeds office. Adam joined Netcompany as a freelancer in 2018.  Here he shares his experience of working for us and what attracted him into joining us permanently.

What does your position in Netcompany involve?

My current role as Infrastructure Principal involves working with the customer to ensure we are delivering a quality service and ensuring SLAs are exceeded.  When I started I was a Service Level Manager and this involved following up end users to see if calls were still valid. The overall objective is to ensure that the customer is happy.

Why did you want to work for Netcompany?

I am used to contracting, so I wasn’t looking for a permanent position but the reason Netcompany appealed to me was because it was a big enough size to provide a good service but small enough to be agile in its approach, the ethos of everyone rolling up their sleeves and not being too precious  is a philosophy I stick by – the culture at Netcompany is a big selling point. 

How was it to start at Netcompany?

I already knew of Netcompany, as they were a customer for one of the clients I worked with in the past. I knew that this was a company I would like to work for, due to the good quality people and flexibility. I liked the fact that Netcompany wasn’t a big corporate organisation with processes, sign offs and authorities. 

What separates Netcompany from other companies?

The culture and the opportunity to keep on building your knowledge. Everyone is friendly and there is a relaxed atmosphere. Other companies I have worked for had a very hierarchical structure where you wouldn’t even get the opportunity to speak to your boss. At Netcompany, the partners will speak to employees at all levels. 

I am also interested in building my knowledge and influence within the business and have already had the opportunity to take on more responsibility.