Netcompany After Dark

We just know that we perform better when we know each other and trust our colleagues. And the best way to create relationships is by spending time together outside of our work projects!
“Netcompany After Dark is one of the most exciting things about being part of Netcompany and one of the things I love the most. After Dark regularly hosts a number of different indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year, such as Friday bars, go-kart racing, and many other things!"- Nguyen Gia Bao, Senior Consultant

We are dedicated to creating strong social communities and allowing our people to make meaningful connections and positive memories with their colleagues. This is why Netcompany After Dark is such an integral part of our business.

After Dark offers a variety of events and social gatherings, both big and small. We host events such as our annual family Christmas tree event, trips for the whole company and their families to meet at the Zoo, project events celebrating the latest go-live, and football matches as well. At Netcompany, there are events for everyone, and a weekly Friday catch up for everyone across the business to come together and unwind.

Management Summer Get-together

When our management teams in Netcompany gather for the annual summer PPM, we have a tradition for networking and knowledge sharing in loose surroundings. This year, our Danish colleagues had to bring their walking shoes and suitable outdoor clothes for an adventurous island expedition.

Company Trip in Vietnam

Exciting activities and magnificent experiences awaited our Vietnam colleagues at their 2022 Company Trip, including a colourful rooftop bar, smiles and laughter with a sunny teambuilding session at the beach, and a stunning gala dinner!

Christmas event

When our colleagues in Denmark bring their families for our annual get-together at Ledreborg Castle, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With activities for all sizes, everyone enjoys a riveting day together with their loved ones.