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Are you ready to take on greater responsibility and develop your technical and managerial skills? Do you want to achieve more as a leader or senior in the IT industry? At Netcompany, you will continue to develop wherever you are in your career. You will be challenged but supported. You will learn from your peers, our myriad projects and an extensive development program, including our renowned Netcompany Academy.


Netcompany Academy

IT people leading IT people

IT people lead IT people here at Netcompany.  That’s how we develop the IT leaders of tomorrow. This approach is fundamental to how we do business — it is unique and creates a culture of collaboration and growth within our teams. Working alongside some of the world’s best talents in the industry, you’ll not only hone your technical skills, but develop as a manager with increased managerial responsibilities.

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Develop your managerial skills

Create motivation and satisfaction among your team members. Organise structure, establish processes and make the right decisions. Set goals – and of course, meet those goals! At Netcompany, we will give you the tools and training to become an excellent project manager.

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Netcompany After Dark

Netcompany’s social calendar is busy throughout the year. 

We celebrate Christmas with our annual family Christmas tree event, and go-live dates with our project teams. In the past, we’ve also organised trips for our people and their families to visit the Zoo,, and we’ve even cheered on our favourite teams at football matches. 

Whatever your interests or hobbies are, there’s an event for everyone at Netcompany. It’s really not rocket science: we perform better when we know each other and have some fun!

Netcompany After Dark

"I think it’s difficult to manage a field you don’t understand. If you don’t understand the technical complexity of an IT project, it is more difficult to be critical in terms of planning, activities, and estimates."

Jonas Hansen

Principal, Netcompany

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"The most important projects for me are the most challenging ones, where at the beginning you don't know where to start, but in the end it turns out that nothing is impossible."

Urszula Godlewska

Master, Netcompany

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"In my current project, I'm working with colleagues from four different countries. Despite the time zone difference, the collaboration between us is very good."

Nguyen Thi Thanh Loan

Senior Test Specialist, Netcompany