Netcompany After Dark

It's not rocket science or something we picked up from a management textbook. We just know that we perform better when we know each other and trust our colleagues. And the best way to create relationships is by spending time together outside of our work projects!

At Netcompany, we create strong social communities and provide our employees with many opportunities to do just that! This is why Netcompany After Dark is such an integral part of our business.

After Dark brings to you a variety of events and social gatherings, all year round. From Counter strike to cooking, yoga to football, here at Netcompany, you will find like-minded people who share your passions and hobbies. We believe that after hours everyone needs to do what they love, and we end every week with a Friday bar to socialise with our colleagues across the business.

Summer Party in Poland

We had a packed programme for our Polish colleagues and their optional plus for our 2022 Summer Party in Warsaw. It is truly a pleasure to host so many talented people – so many different personalities – and bringing all together for a fun, eventful evening.

Company Trip in Vietnam

Exciting activities and magnificent experiences awaited our Vietnam colleagues at their 2022 Company Trip, including a colourful rooftop bar, smiles and laughter with a sunny teambuilding session at the beach, and a stunning gala dinner!

Pop-up Friday bar

Turning a construction site into a pop-up Friday bar? Why not! At the harbour front, 500 of our Copenhagen colleagues had their first sneak peek into our new headquarters.