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You don’t need years of work experience to be seen as equal here at Netcompany. Even as a new or recent graduate, you will be a valued and active member of your team from the get go, and will have plenty of opportunities to grow and face new challenges from day one. But rest assured: your team will always have your back!

Netcompany Academy - We are geared to make you better

Netcompany is a business that invests in its people, and our employees are our strongest asset. We have an extensive employee development program, including our renowned Netcompany Academy. We’ll make sure you’re challenged and supported — so you can progress at your own pace, through the career path that is right for you.

IT people leading IT people

Here at Netcompany, we believe we are different to other IT service companies. You have a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, as your manager will always understand your area of work and its challenges, even on a technical level. This commitment is fundamental to how we do business and helps us get more from working together. You will always have support and guidance from the some of the world’s top IT talents, and you will be constantly receiving constructive feedback from your manager and mentor, while developing and learning from your peers.

Netcompany After Dark

Counter Strike, running, Magic Cards, cooking, yoga, wine, football,  you name it — at Netcompany, there’s a group of likeminded colleagues who share your passions and interests, you’ll find them having  a beer or soda at the Friday bar! It’s really not rocket science: we perform better when we know each other and have some fun!

"I really enjoy having contact with the client, I really enjoy being a team lead, but when it comes down to it, I just really like to geek out."

Sandra Højberg Pedersen

Senior Developer, Netcompany

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Development, training and education


Netcompany has an extensive development programme, including our Netcompany Academy, guaranteeing that employees are challenged and supported throughout their career at Netcompany.

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