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Get to know the first seminar of Netcompany Academy

Building team spirit across countries and gearing you up for future challenges, the Client Engagement Seminar (CES) is the first seminar you will meet as a Netcompany employee. Here, our colleagues around the globe meet for a five-day deep dive into our distinct methodologies, learning how to apply best practices on the job.

Thomas codes to help vulnerable children and young people. Why do you code?

As Manager, Thomas helped develop DUBU - a system that makes it possible for social workers to have more time for vulnerable children and young people. Have a look at how you can build smarter, more connected societies.

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“The breadth of opportunity at Netcompany allows you to discover what part of the software development lifecycle you are most passionate about."

Thomas Lafferty

Senior Architect, UK

"Netcompany gives me the chance to experience things that I have never done before"

"We designed Netcompany Academy to promote growth and learning for everyone across the business; it’s an extensive development programme, available to all and tailored to your individual needs."

André Rogaczewski

CEO & Co-founder, Netcompany

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We believe that it is you who will make a real difference to our societies, businesses and the environment. With a flat organisational structure and pragmatic approach, we enable you to play a crucial role in accelerating digital transformation in public and private enterprises in Denmark and Northern Europe.

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