"We have very nice colleagues and a great culture with the chance to work on socially significant projects"

Levi started working at Netcompany almost two years ago as an intern and got offered a full-time job upon graduation. And while his official job title is Senior Consultant, he spends most of his time as a full stack developer.

What projects/tasks have been the most interesting – and why?
One of my more recent projects was ZORA, a register system for dutch healthcare providers where we celebrated our final release recently. For this project we were assessed by the Software Improvement Group who perform external audits for code quality, they assessed us with a 4 out of 5, which is very high for the scale of the project and was one of the top assessments of the year.

What has been a nice surprise about working for Netcompany?
How a large organization such as Netcompany can still have that small company feeling.
Something that surprised me about Netcompany is how we were able to keep working so efficiently while we were all working remotely over the last year and a half.

How do you experience your own personal and professional development at Netcompany?
I have grown a lot at Netcompany and have had many opportunities to learn from my colleagues. I have made some good friends and have a deeper understanding of technologies and processes.

Why should you join Netcompany?
If you want to be part of working on socially significant projects that are fun to work on in a great employee focused company, you should join Netcompany.

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