Supporting a sustainable society

At Netcompany we feel deeply responsible for contributing to the continuous positive development of our society. Our vision as a leading IT service company is to continuously improve and build strong, sustainable societies, successful companies and better lives for all of us.

In this ESG report for 2019, we describe our corporate policies and ESG commitments, as well as our strategies, objectives and activities to continuously improve the integration of the United Nations Global Compact and its principles into our business strategy and daily operations.

The ESG report also constitutes Netcompany Group A/S’ statutory statement on corporate social responsibility for the financial year of 2019 pursuant to section 99(a) of the Danish Financial Statements Act, as well as Netcompany Group A/S’ and Netcompany A/S’ statutory statement on the underrepresented gender pursuant to section 99(b). Also included are Netcompany Group A/S’ reporting on Communication on Progress in relation to the principles of the UN Global Compact.