Operation and infrastructure

Business-oriented operations with a respect for the demands of both agility and stability. 

The developments in technology have opened up new possibilities for flexible operations. Netcompany utilises technology to offer operations and hosting services in our two data centers in Ballerup and Glostrup.

Netcompany provides operations and management of the full solution and takes responsibility for the operations as a whole on the business solution level. Our procedures, operations, and monitoring activities are focused on  ensuring that the solution works reliably for the end user and with minimal downtime. The entire operations department is imbued with a focus on the business solution as a whole and not just its individual components; servers, storage, networking, etc.

We have embraced DevOps principles from the start. Our organisation and procedures are based on those these principles and are established with respect for modern operating requirements for both agility and stability.

We can offer:

  • Hosting and operations of solutions on a modern platform based on Cisco and Hitachi hardware in our two data centers in Ballerup and Glostrup.
  • Management and monitoring solutions based on cloud-operations on Azure and AWS platforms powered respectively by Microsoft and Amazon.



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Torben Arent