SKAT launches a new self-service app

Netcompany has helped SKAT launch its first app. The project had established an agile process, which makes it possible for SKAT to react more quickly to customers’ needs and release new solutions.


Typically, SKAT works with large projects, where the content is defined in a comprehensive requirement specification. The timeline is long, and the world as well as customers' expectations change along the way. SKAT wanted to establish a form of development that would make it possible to incorporate learning from customers early in the process, and, thereby, quickly provide relevant solutions to the market. 


SKAT wanted to increase its presence on mobile platforms and thus give customers better options. 
These goals were combined in a new agile innovation project.



In a close collaboration, Netcompany and SKAT, along with creative partners, have developed an app that provides various options for companies and citizens. A company can, for example, view deadlines and obligations on SKAT or purchase a day-ticket for business cars, which allows the car to be used for personal purposes. Citizens can, for example, submit a new registration when buying or selling a car. 

The solution was developed in an agile project where new features are regularly added. The ideas and suggestions for improvements are modernised in intensive design-sprints where the most suitable are chosen for implementation.



As a result of the project, SKAT has gained valuable experience internally with the agile development form, and, in line with their goals, will then be able to apply it to future development and projects. 

The designed app has been launched for Android and iOS, where it is regularly updated with new and improved options. The app is established with a flexible technical platform that supports future expansion and allows SKAT to quickly develop additional services.

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Thomas Cordth