Read and listen to thousands of books on your smartphone or tablet.

Netcompany has assisted Mofibo in the establishment of a new online platform that makes it possible to read and listen to books on your tablet and smartphone


Spotify is for music and Netflix is for films. Morten Strung, founder of Onfone, wanted to create something similar for books where you can, for a set monthly fee, read as many e-books as you want to. 

The ambition is to make book-reading more flexible and more easily accessible, which could result in people reading more books.



The assignment was distributed between several suppliers; Netcompany was chosen to deliver the back-end solution with integration to suppliers of books and an interface for the use of apps for smartphones and tablets. Additionally, a self-service site was developed where all user registering and subscriptions are carried out.



The solution was the first of its kind and therefor gained a lot of notice from the press. Mofibo has had a successful start and is now launching in other countries.

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Thomas Cordth