Krifa – unemployment funds

Krifa has gotten a completely new unemployment fund solution with case- and document management, administration and booking.


To prepare Krifa’s IT systems for the future, Netcompany has supplied them with a new modern unemployment system. The system is based on Modulus as the computations core, as well as a completely modern user platform for Modulus, which is closely integrated in Krifa’s exsisting Mircosoft CRM-solution. 

To be competitive in a challenging market, Krifa has chosen to replace their existing unemployment fund system in preparation for the future. The requirement for the new system is that it needs to be effective, to provide the opportunity to deliver optimal customer service and to be cost efficient through widespread automation.

In the last 18 months, Netcompany has, in partnership with Krifa, established a new unemployment system. Before the implementation, Netcompany has also handled the implementation of Krifa’s CRM-system for management of the customers in Krifa’s union. The CRM-system consists of customer information, case management, document management and self-service. 



When the automation process is completed, the customer is typically notified by letter or electronically. In order to support the complex merge scenarios for the letters, a very advanced engine merge is implemented, which allows Krifa to automate many of their letters. The merge engine produces high numbers of merge fields and makes it possible to extensively customize the individual letters to the customer's current situation. The letters can either be sent by mail, e-mail or posted in Krifa’s self-service solution.
The Modulus-Connector provides all the relevant data and functions to handle the complete unemployment fund business with a customer. The report replaces the existing user interface Modulus. At Krifa, this Modulus-Connector is fully integrated into Krifa's existing CRM solution, so Krifa now has a complete view of their customers from a single system. The connector is a separate solution, which also will be able to integrate to another customer management system.
In addition to implementation of Modulus and Modulus-Connector, Krifa has received a complete new booking solution, replacing their existing AK-booking. The booking solution integrates directly to Krifa's CRM and Modulus and makes it possible for a customer to book meetings and more directly from Krifa's self-service site. When a booking is made, the close integration between systems ensures that only the available times for consultants with the right skills are displayed. The integration to Outlook also ensures that times for a given consultant are only displayed if they are available.



Krifa has a new and modern unemployment solution with optimal customer service, effective case management and a flexible and future-proof IT-platform. 

Since 2012, Netcompany has had a close partnership with Krifa. First was the implementation of a CRM system that consists of customer information and case management, and lately – implementation of a new unemployment system based on the standard system Modulus with CRM as the user platform. The partnership was based on mutual trust and understanding of where Krifa was headed in the future. Netcompany has managed to work professionally as a catalyst and at the same time delivered vast expertise in the development process. Even though the work has been a demanding process, there was no doubt that we would reach the goals that were set at the beginning of the project. E.g., optimal customer service, effectiveness in case management and a flexible and future-proof IT-platform. The system has been in production for four months. We have gotten on well from the start, but there are still some fine adjustments to be made.
Hans Ullemose, Krifa

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