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Efficient case administration at ACCURA Law firm

How do you create a combined case- and project-centric desktop that supports attorney teams' work and collaboration on complex cases?


Accura had a system where economy and time-and-case management were combined under one umbrella (Advosys) that is traditionally used in parts of the field, but was not compatible with Accura’s need for detailed economy management and the focused strategy that was chosen.

Accura has extensive focus on core competencies in business legal framework and advice to corporations, financial institutions and funds for the trading of companies and real estate portfolios (M & A), as well as, a number of other specialties that accommodate a business' needs for specialised advice.

 With a desire for increased chargeability, efficient case administration and production principles for economy management, ACCURA went after the "best of breed" solution to meet the desire for an ERP and time registration, and a case and document management solution.



Netcompany’s standard system, GetOrganized, was chosen as the "best of breed" system to maintain case and document management in close collaboration with the chosen economy system from Deltek/Maconomy.

Through an implementation process that included input from user representatives, the solution was set up in a client/case-universe, where an intuitive and easy work surface that contributes with overviews and collects all e-mails, documents and the essential key figures was established.

The lawyers' workday revolves around endless numbers of e-mails that can easily be saved onto the right cases in the solution directly from Outlook, so all in- and outgoing communication can be viewed in the context of the case.

GetOrganized also provides the opportunity to exchange documents with external parties and manages the version history of documents as they progess.

With a focus on effective case management and sale of know-how, the management of paradigms and templates is important to the quality and control of the services that Accura provides to its customers.

Therefore, a paradigm module that collects best practices and tracks the use of templates and paradigms was established, so when new versions of these occur, we are also able to track whether they are implemented as desired in the appropriate contexts.



The final system, named GetOrganized Attorney, provides the dedicated support and case administration with in-built document management, e-mail filing and task management, and supplies, at the same time, the key numbers and control parameters, which is needed for administration of a case.

The solution draws the central data of time-use, expenses and client accounts from the ERP-system and presents the information in a window. Similarly, one can also register time in such a window, thus avoiding having to go in to the financial system.

In that vein, GetOrganized Attorney presents the most important information from the ERP-system side-by-side with cases, e-mails and documents, so the user has an overview in a single window.
GetOrganized Attorney:

  • Effortless sharing of knowledge and documents in a large legal firm.
  •  Support for advanced knowledge- and workflow-sharing in the form of 'Paradigms'.

  •  Management of large amounts of documents and emails per case, as wells as text search.
  •  Versatile and scalable system that can quickly be spread to new businesses.
  •  All activities occur in one system that, among other things, draws data on case economy from ERP.
  •  Largely intuitive and easy-to-learn within a few hours.
– The idea behind the paradigm module is that you can put the use and update of paradigms in the system. We will be able to track the cases where the given paradigm is used: it is, for example, very useful if a legislative amendment has had an impact on certain contracts and agreements that we have previously assisted in processing. Then we can quickly identify which customers the change can affect and contact them
Ivan Madsen, Director and Partner at ACCURA Advokatpartnerselskab

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