LeasePlan - 360° Business overview

Netcompany has helped LeasePlan with gaining a full overview of their fleets and financial management, which is important for full transparency to the customers on the creation of value from TCO and LeasePlan. Thanks to the integration of comprehensive market data, LeasePlan able to regularly get intelligence from the market on both competitors and customers.


The Danish part of the LeasePlan concern base their IT-structure on one core system based on an AS400-platform. That system doesn’t provide the platform with enough options for agile management of data and exploition of possibilities in order to operate in the local market.

A complex, increased need for structure and insight in the customer portfolio and fleet data created an acute need for the establishment of a BI-platform as an independent area, and where the business itself (outside the IT organisation) could monitor and analyse its own and market-relevant actions and development. 

Therefore, there was a need for a BI self-service solution with a data warehouse, where the business users could be self-sufficient in the development of dashboards and reports - in order to be more proactive in relation to sales and customer relationships. 



Netcompany has delivered a solution that, in principal, can be divided into 3 phases. 

Phase 1, where the focus was on creating structure and oversight in LeasePlan’s own data, with fleet inventory, economy and self-service as the operating components. The solution was built in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and integrated with Excel as a reporting tool and an underlying Datawarehose in SQL Server. 

Phase 2 involved order management, billing, as well as industry statistics and market data collected from Bilstatistik, an industry portal solution that gathers data across the car industry. 

In the course of phase 3, the solution also integrated with LeasePlan's bidding solution at service suppliers that provides customers with additional options to optimize the choice of, for example, service repairs based on dedicated TCO calculations that utilizes price-wise the skills and affiliate programs that LeasePlan has.

This allows each unit to make and analyze business issues in a 360-degree perspective by matching contracts / cars and services (fuel, insurance, service, etc.), which provides yet another competitive advantage in the market.



  • The solution provides the organisation with oversight over their own portfolio, a deep insight into the operative market, as well as combining business possibilities end-to-end, and that way, even involves suppliers' competencies in the value chain.

  • With market overview, the real market can be monitored – e.g., on competitors, segments, brands, new registrations, alias opportunities, etc.

  • Besides being able to harvest in a well-established market with qualified canvas sale based on an informed basis, LeasePlan’s customer service can offer customers a thorough coaching and advice based on customer requirements identified from market data and customer-specific fleets.

Would you like to know more?

Martin ABC Hansen


Would you like to know more?

Martin ABC Hansen